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What if you could turn on a switch in your brain and send a message to a part of your body to get it to do what you want it to do? Maybe you want to be stronger, move the way you did when you were younger, improve your concentration, lessen your pain—or simply watch your child learn to ride a bike?

new-mary-photoHello, and welcome to Discovery with Movement. My name is Mary and I use movement to flip on the switch in the brain that prompts learning—for children and adults whose mental or physical restrictions are holding them back, for older people experiencing limitations and for those individuals who wish to perform at their highest potential. After years devoted to body and energy modalities, I trained in the Anat Baniel Method (ABM) and have been working with families and individuals ever since, improving lives one person, one brain, at a time.

Hands on, I use variations in movements and sensorial tones to dispense data to the brain about perceived differences, which it then uses to remap its systems and to seek and find solutions. These solutions could be learning to walk, to communicate, to maintain vitality or to play the best round of golf ever.

Mary Kliwinski, Certified ABM Practitioner
Mary@DiscoverywithMovement.com          Call or Text 267.228.7313

Private Lessons & Group Classes in 3 Locations: Bucks County/Philadelphia - Pittsburgh - Nashville



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