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For those who want to try NeuroMovement® for the first time or those experienced with the approach who like the energy generated in a group setting, an adult TML class—Transformational Movement Lesson—can be just the ticket.

Unlike my hands-on Functional Synthesis work, a TML class puts you in the driver’s seat. I instruct and direct, but you execute each movement. This gives you the opportunity to observe yourself and recognize subtle or overt positive differences as you develop an understanding of the movements and their impact. Even if you are unable to fully execute a movement yet, you still benefit from watching others and imagining how you will look and feel once you are able to do it.

I choose the movements I direct you to do in any given TML setting from a range of possibly patterns. Each has a purpose and an objective, though my instructions may appear to be random until you have more experience.

As you move with intention and self-awareness, you develop potent tools to give you better balance, greater range and ease of movement, diminished pain—and a marvelous sense of well-being and self-empowerment.