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As we get older, movement is not only the issue—it’s also the answer to much of what ails a body that has been working hard for a lifetime to sustain a lifestyle.

By using the ABM approach, I help you create new brain-body pathways and draw in vitality to move you toward a new physical freedom with greater possibilities and fewer limits.

Unlike other fitness approaches and rehabilitation techniques, the Anat Baniel Method encourages us to think of our bodies + minds as information-based systems moderated by our brains. This means your human potential to heal, to transform and to achieve peak performance goes far beyond anything you’ve previously believed possible. Instead of limits imposed by muscle performance, movement unlocks the limitless brain to become a tool for body, mind and spirit transformation.

Through these movements, you achieve a greater awareness of how your body thinks, feels and functions in its entirety, which leads to rapid transformational improvement in everything you do.

What does an adult session look like?

What is your goal? To free yourself of pain? To achieve better balance? To move freely in your everyday activities? To function at a higher level of achievement?

A personal movement lesson of Functional Synthesis (FS)
Working one-on-one, I guide you through small, gentle movements using my hands and spoken direction. As your nervous system calms, your brain recognizes these movements as a rich and complex experience of creating connections. This individual lesson creates an order-seeking system that is alert and curious, ready to make changes. Each lesson is slightly different and new, feeding and responding to your brain’s curiosity and openness to discovery.

A group class of Transformational Movement Lessons (TML)
In a group class, I provide spoken direction and you execute the movements. As simple movements become more complex, you develop skills in self-observation. Your brain takes in new information from the differences it perceives, and you find that your whole body moves more freely, inviting a greater awareness of balance and well-being into your life. You are creating and experiencing the changes directly and immediately.

Both private lessons and group classes are 45 minutes. Dress in comfortable clothes and socks.

I offer “bundled” lessons in a series of three or more to give my students the advantages of an immersion approach.

ABM has also delivered benefits when applied to these issues

  • Vitality & Anti-Aging
  • Whole-Body Health
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pain Relief & Limitations
  • High-Performance

Adults with these conditions have benefitted from ABM

  • Adult Cerebral Palsy
  • Scoliosis
  • Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis
  • ALS, MS and other neuromuscular illnesses
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Progressive Brain Disease
  • Stroke
  • Balance Disorders
  • Physical injuries from accidents or personal violence
  • PTSD and other stress disorders

“My lessons with Mary opened up long-blocked intersections of energy and awareness. Now when I move through my day, I am constantly brought back to the miracle of movement as consciousness.”

“During the last months of my husband’s life, one of his joys was his weekly session with Mary. I will forever be grateful to her.”
                                           —Paul’s wife

Mary Kliwinski, Certified ABM Practitioner
Mary@DiscoverywithMovement.com          Call or Text 267.228.7313

Private Lessons & Group Classes in 3 Locations: Bucks County/Philadelphia - Pittsburgh - Nashville



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