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It’s not just a phrase to encourage and inspire, but an enthusiastic description of the outcomes people of all ages and issues have discovered through ABM and NeuroMovement®.

As researchers learn more about the human brain, they are discovering that neurogenesis, the formation of nerve cells, is not limited to the infant’s growing brain. We now know that with every new experience, the brain changes as new connections are formed between neurons. Throughout our lives our brain can rewire itself. This ability is called neuroplasticity.

This is especially important for those whose brains have been significantly damaged by illness, injuries, genetic disorders or the aging process.

It seems a little crazy that seemingly unrelated movements help to generate new nerve cells in the brain, but that is what happens. Subtle movements light up new neuron pathways along which messages travel between the body and the brain, bypassing or building bridges over areas that don’t work and creating linkages that do.

As the brain increasingly functions better, we experience significant improvements in movement, speech, cognitive ability, intention, sleep and eating—making a whole new world possible where there once seemed to be little that could be done.